3rd September, 2015

Performance, photograph, video

Streets are important marks in a city as they direct people. The names of the Hong Kong streets are residual memories from the British colonial period. The project consists of snapshots o four Hong Kong streets that are named after four provinces in China. On 3rd of September, the 70th anniversary day of the victory of the Chinese people’s war of resistance against Japanese aggression, the artist changed the street names from the traditional Chinese into the simplified Chinese with Photoshop in Art Space on the spot. The whole process was filmed and later uploaded onto his Facebook, audience thereof were invited to share the photoshopped works online. The art piece deliberately plotted this to trick the netizens. The artist was in charge while the audience was accomplices and not until two days after the sharing did the artist tell the truth online. The project reveals people’s sense of powerlessness in political issues, at the same time it foreshadows the naming of Hong Kong streets in the future.

Photo courtesy : image 1 (South Ho), image 2 -5 (Artist)

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