A video about ice cubes melting (No additional meaning in title), 2019

Single-channel video 9’47

This unprecedented fortune created by the aggregated hard work of the masses could vanish into the ether like ice melting without a trace. Yet, there is nothing in the system that created it to guarantee something is left behind for those who laboured their lives away for the promised of the greater societal good.  In this piece, Ip places ice cubes tainted in an intense hue of gold on a bed of red velvet as tribute to the stars on flags of communist regimes. Ice melting into the ether without a track. Even when sped up to 50 times, to some this melting of ice is still painfully excruciating to watch, yet to some, this is just something foreseen by Karl. Maybe, this melt down will kick in the reincarnation of the system into the next inevitable phase.

Created by Ip Wai Lung

Filmed by Harry Chan

Exhibiting histories:


- Drum & Voice Out!, Form Society, HK curated by Hong Kong Artist Union