Born in the Guangdong Province, China, Ip Wai Lung is a local artist residing in Hong Kong now. In 1996, he moved to Hong Kong with his mother for a family reunion with his father right before the handover. As an immigrant, identity has always been an issue for him despite being educated in Hong Kong since his young age. In 2015, he went to Tibet to practise Zen Buddhism, such experience further confirmed his determination of becoming an artist.

Ip is a self-learned artist who has participated in a number of local co-exhibitions and held personal exhibitions including Para Site,  1aspace and C&G. His artwork explores political issues, taboos and identities in a spontaneous and humorous fashion. Ip believes in the power of public art, he interferes in the existing social systems with his artwork, through the conversations with different entities he delves into the possibility of having new systems in a bid to reconstruct the imagination of society and the world from a personal perspective. He produces with various media including performance, photographs and videos.



Solo Exhibition:

Jan | PRÉCÉDÉE, Hong Kong (upcoming)

Aug | "The Coming Society", 32B Wuhu Street, Hong Kong
Sep | "Sex Shopping", Studio 52, Hong Kong

Feb | "City Erotica", Inbetween shop, Hong Kong

Selected group exhibition:

Aug | "In(ex)ception", 1a space, Hong Kong
Mar | "Decogestants for West Kowloonization: Beat it" C & G Artpartment, Prince Edward, Hong Kong

Mar | RE-FORMAT: Pop-up Exhibition, DreamLikeBubbles, Hong Kong

Mar | Pure Art Foundation Showcase, Studio 52, Hong Kong
Nov | "Perpetual Production & Consumption", Starprojects, Hong Kong

Selected Live Performances

Mar | "Daily Routine: Kissing", Nullah Road Sitting-out Area, Prince Edward, Hong Kong

Feb | "An Intervention by Ip Wai Lung", Parasite, Hong Kong
Nov | "Stretcher", The Gallery Walk, Hong Kong Art Gallery Association, Hong Kong

Aug | Burning sex paper offerings, Wai Wan Lane, Hung Hom, Hong Kong
Sep | 3rd September, 2015, 100ft. PARK, Hong Kong


Sep-Nov | Pisaot, Sa Sa Art Projects, Cambodia (upcoming)
Apr-May | Oakhouse, Omiya Suginami ward, Tokyo, Japan 

Aug- Sep | 100 ft. PARK, Hong Kong


Sep | "Re:mind the gap",HART Haus, Hong Kong
July | "In(ex)ception" Summer Camp, Hong Kong 

Publication :

Mar | The Unappropriated Recipes, Parasite, Hong Kong
Jan | "Los Angeles Fotofolio", USA

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