Born in the Guangdong Province, China, I am an artist residing in Hong Kong. In 1996, I moved to Hong Kong with my mother to reunite with my father right before the handover of HK by Britain to China. As an immigrant, identity and social integration has always been an issue for me despite being educated in Hong Kong. 

        In 2013, I started up a first gay & lesbian speed dating company in the territory.  In 2015, I went to Tibet to practice Zen Buddhism, such experience further confirmed my determination of being an artist. In 2016-17, working as an immigration consultant, I had plenty of opportunity to engage with people with social anxiety.  This experiences build up my sensitivity and awareness of the tension between public, people and society.  

        My artwork explores social issues, taboos, and identities in spontaneous and humorous fashion. I believe in the power of public art interfering in existing social confines with my artwork. Through the conversations with different stakeholders in the society, I intend to develop new social practices in a bid to reconstruct the imagination of the society and the world from a personal perspective.   

        From an entrepreneur to becoming a self-learned artist, his artwork has been broadly exhibited worldwide such as New York, Hong Kong, South East Asia etc



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