Ip Wai Lung is a meditation enthusiast who embraces impermanence, as conventional religious believes are static, yet the world is constantly in flux. He intervenes with life by mediation in an attempt to process all the impermanence, queerness, and ambiguity the world throws at him.Through art Ip stages meditation, he detaches and engages with the consciousness and unconscious. This constantly shifting of roles, modes, and discipline is the backbone of his art works. His works might be plain and dry at first glance, yet there is a never-ending restlessness bursting from the seams.

In his early experimental performance piece Gymnastic Exercises conducted live at Para Site in Hong Kong, Ip in respond to Bruce Naumam piece - Dance and exercise on perimeter of a square, he intends to experience limitation in an intimate way, by wearing a tight body suit as a second skin while doing his daily gym routine. The body suit is the physical manifestation of detachment.  Not satisfied with conventional religion, especially the taboos they helped shaped in the society.  In his piece The Coming Society, Ip challenges the limitation of traditional filial offering’s lacks of care for the carnal needs of the deceased by burning paper dildos, sex toys, porn sites, and even WiFi service passes as a way to help satisfied sexual craving of the dead.In this ritual performance piece Qingdao Lotus Pond by Ip, he dresses in a golden spandex suit, as a non-human figure enters the scene to offer Qingdao beer to lotus in the pond as nourishment that is repelled by its ultra-hydrophobic nature, but eventually the beer is all absorbed by their roots.

Ip for the first time in female costume as a Qian Dan, a man who plays the female lead in Cantonese Opera in the piece Karma Cycle. He examines queerness struggles and protests against dichotomies of gender, geographies, and contradictions across different eras in the context of Karma and mediation.

Artworks of Ip Wai Lung, an entrepreneur-turn-self-taught-artist has exhibited at galleries and art shows in New York, Hong Kong, and across South East Asia.