Born in the Guangdong Province, China,  I am a local artist residing in Hong Kong now. In 1996, I moved to Hong Kong with my mother and sister for a family reunion with my father right before the handover. As an immigrant, identity has always been an issue for me despite being educated in Hong Kong since my young age.  In 2013 I started up a first gay and lesbian speed dating company.  In 2015, I went to Tibet to practise Zen Buddhism, such experience further confirmed my determination of becoming an artist. Recently, I am developing the Moutai business in Guizhou, an art project discussing how the alcoholic culture in China relate to its growth of the country culturally and economically in a global content.

        From an entrepreneur to becoming a self-learned artist, I have participated in a number exhibitions and performance including Barney Savage Gallery, New York (2019),  Sa Sa Art Projects, Cambodia (2018), 1a space, Hong Kong (2018), C&G Artpartment, Hong Kong (2018), Para Site, Hong Kong (2016), 100ft. PARK (2015), etc. Rooted in capitalism, my artwork explores political issues, taboos, economy, religion and identities in a spontaneous and humorous fashion. I believe in the power of public art, I interfere in the existing social systems with my artwork. Through the conversations with different entities I develop into the possibility of having new systems in a bid to reconstruct the imagination of society and the world from a personal perspective. I produce with various media including performance, photographs and videos.

        自小隨母和姊到港,回歸前趕及和在港父親團聚。葉惠龍作為一名新移民,從小就在香港接受教育,面對中港交替和不穩定的政治局面,身份認同一直是他所面對的問題,而當中的在內的抗爭和矛盾卻又一直成為他從中創作的養份。擁有商業管理背景的他,最初是一名實業家 。在2013年,葉開辦了香港首間男女同性戀快速約會公司,為同性戀人士提供一個認識伴侶的平台。 2015年,他又隻身到西藏及中國江西省的東林寺練習禪宗,思考人生去向。2019年,他正在貴州投資茅台酒的業務,並由此出發發展出一個藝術項目,探討中國的酒文化如何在全球化語境下,窺探在文化和經濟上與自身國家的發展密不可分的關係。

        葉從一名實業家到藝術家,其根深蒂固的資本主義思考模式可見於作品內,多是探討政治、文化禁忌、經濟、宗教及個人身份等議題,與此同時彼此依附和相互交替的關係,時而调侃, 時而帶點黑色幽默。除了行為表演、照片和視頻的媒介外,他更相信公共藝術的力量,透過預測人群的反應,有效地干預現有的市場和社會經濟系統,反思現傳機制的漏動,以藝術實踐從微觀到宏觀去思考全球性經濟體系的變化。葉賞試模糊當代藝術的界線,作品通過穿梭在一個固有的系統上,看似是一個不折不扣的資本主義脈絡而同時帶有自身不可言喻的荒誕感,從這基礎下葉重新建構或想像出一個新的世界。

        葉惠龍生於1989年中國廣東省,曾在多地舉辦展覽及表演,包括紐約Barney Savage 畫廊(2019)、柬埔寨Sa Sa Art Projects(2018)、香港1a space(2018)、香港C&G 藝術單位(2018)、香港Para Site藝術空間(2016)、香港百呎公園 (2015) 等。在2018年,葉獲邀前往柬埔寨參與Sa Sa Art Projects駐留項計劃。



Solo exhibition


Nov-Dec | "Qingdao Lotus Pond", Sa Sa Art Projects, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Aug | "The Coming Society", 32B Wuhu Street, Hong Kong
Sep | "Sex Shopping", Studio 52, Hong Kong

Feb | "City Erotica", Inbetween shop, Hong Kong

Selected group exhibition

Jan | BE THERE Design Festival, Hong Kong
Mar | “Hong Kong Art Temple X Hong Kong Artist Union”, Form Society, Hong Kong (coming soon)
Apr | “Twinkle”, Barney Savage Gallery, New York, United State (coming soon)
May | Tomorrow Today Gallery, Eaton hotel, Hong Kong (coming soon)     
        | "In(ex)ception" part 2, AVA Gallery, Hong Kong (coming soon)
Nov | Bangkok, Thailand (coming soon)

Mar | "Decogestants for West Kowloonization: Beat it" C & G Artpartment, Hong Kong
Aug | "In(ex)ception", 1a space, Hong Kong
Dec | “Donuimum Open Creative Village”, Ringring Belt, Seoul, Korea

Mar | RE-FORMAT: Pop-up Exhibition, DreamLikeBubbles, Hong Kong

Mar | Pure Art Foundation Showcase, Studio 52, Hong Kong
Nov | "Perpetual Production & Consumption", Starprojects, Hong Kong

Selected Live Performances

Mar | "Daily Routine: Kissing", C & G Artpartment, Hong Kong

Feb | "An Intervention by Ip Wai Lung", Parasite, Hong Kong
Nov | "Stretcher", The Gallery Walk, Hong Kong Art Gallery Association, Hong Kong

Aug | Burning sex paper offerings, Wai Wan Lane, Hung Hom, Hong Kong
Sep | 3rd September, 2015, 100ft. PARK, Hong Kong


Sep-Nov | Pisaot, Sa Sa Art Projects, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Apr-May | Oakhouse, Omiya Suginami ward, Tokyo, Japan

Aug- Sep | 100 ft. PARK, Hong Kong


May | Initiator for  “Queer Speed Dating”, Videotage, Hong Kong (coming soon)

Oct | “Artist talk by Ip Wai Lung", Sa Sa Art Projects, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Sep | "Re:mind the gap",HART Haus, Hong Kong
July | "In(ex)ception" Summer Camp, Hong Kong
Mar | Hakkanese translation & lyrics for “Hakkaoke” HI! HILL, Chuen Lung village, Hong Kong


Mar | The Unappropriated Recipes, Parasite, Hong Kong

Jan | "Los Angeles Fotofolio", USA Solo exhibition

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