Daily Routine : Gymnastic Exercises, 2016

Single-channel video 9’35, performance, photographs

Curated by Freya Chou

This is a piece about the exploration of limitation. Limitation can be the frame of the canvas. Limitation can also be a mindset. Essentially, limitation can only exist in your own mind.  This is a respond to the performance of Bruce Naumam in Dance and exercise on perimeter of a square in this piece, Ip Intends to experience limitation in an intimate way. In this experimental piece conducted live at Para Site in Hong Kong, the artist wears a skin tight body suit while doing his daily gym routine. He stretches, he lifts, he pulls wearing this second skin. He struggles to complete, yet you can’t really see how much he sweats underneath the body suit.  The body suit is the physical manifestation of detachment. This layer of second skin provides you with a full body experience of isolation from the outside.


Photo courtesy: Paul Dicky Cox

Venue support: Parasite Art Space