Daily Routine : Kissing, 2018

Performance, video

Yearning of a kiss has utterly different significances, consequences, repercussion, & power dynamic for a girl who is a HKer, and a boy that’s from China, especially after the handover.

To create this romantic, yet cultural loaded experience, Ip invited a girl who is from Hong Kong, and a boy from China to reconstruct a kissing scene under a golden fish sculpture in Prince Edward. In this scenario, as they are both wearing masks, they didn’t get to fulfil that yearning at the end.

Lips never got to caress each other. Anticipation stays unrealised, frustration grows. This epitomises the awkwardness of any interaction between Hong Kong and China post 1997. The forced amalgamation of land and people just loaded every interaction between them with animosity.

©2019 Ip Wai Lung