FOREVER X CHANGE 永續找換店, 2019

Multi-media installation: LED signage, double-channel video, RMB coin


Sheung Shui, Hong Kong (SAR) ⇄ Lo Wu, Shenzhen (CN)
上水,香港特別行政區 ⇄ 羅湖,中國深圳市

07/01/2019 15:25:01 鴻運人民幣找換店
07/01/2019 16:12:35 深圳市星旺货币兑换有限公司
07/01/2019 16:41:09 第一國際資源有限公司
07/01/2019 17:39:04 深圳市星旺货币兑换有限公司
07/01/2019 18:20:11 泰昌人民幣找換行

The mutualistic relationship between China and Hong Kong is impermanent in nature. Their co-existence have proven their difference is much less significant that you would imagine, and even that is vanishing rapidly.  In a small alley in the Yaumatei district of Hong Kong, under the neon signs of Currency Exchange shop, Ip installed 2 vertical video display showcasing 2 such shops where Chinese Yuen and Hong Kong Dollar exchanges hands by those who cross the borders daily from both side of the Lo Wu River.  Hundred of thousands of travellers cross the HK/ SZ border everyday. This daily ritual is so repetitive, it’s almost meditative. The interdependency of the two rapidly grinding away their differences, as they merge into a unified identity of an unknown nature.

on the view of "FOREVER X CHANGE" in PRÉCÉDÉE Art Space

Photo courtesy: Harry Chan

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