FOREVER X CHANGE 永續找換店 , 2019

LED、Single-channel video


Sheung Shui, Hong Kong (SAR) ⇄ Lo Wu, Shenzhen (CN)
上水,香港特別行政區 ⇄ 羅湖,中國深圳市

07/01/2019 15:25:01 鴻運人民幣找換店
07/01/2019 16:12:35 深圳市星旺货币兑换有限公司
07/01/2019 16:41:09 第一國際資源有限公司
07/01/2019 17:39:04 深圳市星旺货币兑换有限公司
07/01/2019 18:20:11 泰昌人民幣找換行

Media coverage :

"The first appearance of the ouroboros—the mythological snake that eats its own tail—appears in an ancient funerary text discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamen in 14th century BC. Across cultures, this act of autophagy has symbolized the cyclical processes of life and death, whose union can be seen formulating pre-modern conceptions of eternity. In the small alleyway of Hi Lung Lane in Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, such iconography gains unexpected meaning cast in the bright LED awning hanging over a currency exchange shop. In the window display, two video monitors depict the trek made by hundreds daily, back and forth across the Hong Kong-Shenzhen border, at some point honing in on a pair of hands fervently exchanging Chinese yuan for Hong Kong dollars, and back again. “Forever X Change” at Précédée artspace is a currency exchange bureau where seemingly nothing is gained and nothing is sold.

The repeated task of exchanging minuscule amounts of cash between Hong Kong dollars and Chinese yuan may appear Sisyphean. In the context of Hong Kong, however, it’s political. A Special Administrative Region, Hong Kong is constantly negotiating its slow eclipse by the mainland (with whom it shares both its history and landmass); the latter seeks to rein in the territory’s existence as both a free market economy and bastion of democracy. For the Mainland-born, Hong Kong-raised artist, Ip Wai Lung, each day continues an ongoing exploration of identity on rapidly shifting and heterogenous terrain. Proposing that what distinguishes one side of the border from another might simply be a difference in currency, the artist considers the arbitrariness of such divisions while making a sarcastic jab at the economics that often take precedent over attitudes and lived experiences of a population. Hong Kong and China, the work suggests, are united precisely by that which sets them apart: In both identity and economy, it is a relationship of interdependence that drives and is driven by an imperative to keep things circulating."

Written by Ming Lin published in Ran Dian

“銜尾蛇——吃掉自己尾巴的神秘蛇形圖案——最早見於公元前14世紀圖坦卡蒙墓古老的殯葬文中。在多種文化之中,銜尾蛇的這種自噬行為像徵著生與死的循環,首尾相連則可看做前現代對永恆的理解。而在香港九龍油麻地名為熙龍里的小巷裡,一家“外幣兌換店”店面上方明晃晃的LED構成的銜尾蛇圖案則有著不同的含義。櫥窗裡,兩台顯示器播放著每日香港深圳間人們成百上千次的來來回回,畫面時而聚焦忙著用人民幣兌換港幣的手,時而再切換回來。在Précédée 藝術空間舉辦的展覽“永續找換店”就是一家外幣兌換處,這裡似乎既沒有東西買入,也沒有東西售出。


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