Single-channel video 3’58, performance, photographs

Lifting, pushing, shoving, & running for the perfect BMI and body shapes, these rituals of modern day masculinity building, while performs by a Qian Dan, portrayed by Ip for the first time in costume, a man who play the female lead in Cantonese Opera, it becomes struggles on a multitude of levels.  Beach ball spinning is beach ball stuck, trapped in this aimless browsing of ambiguity of the virtual space; unknowingly stuck in this mistful post-catastrophic utopia. Resembling protests against all dichotomies of gender, geographies, and contradictions among different eras. Karma is a Sanskrit term for “action” lead to inevitable results, both good and bad, that people experience in either this life or in reincarnation.

Review “The tyrannosaur with a mechanical excavator” by Jisoo Seo 

Created by Ip Wai Lung
Filmed by Harry Chan
Assisted by Peter Yu, Sophie Tsai
Edited by Andrew Thomas Huang
Make up by 蓮姐

Special thanks to 螢姐, 瑤瑤姐, Ella, Paris

Exhibiting histories


-Woke In Fright, The Substation, MEL, AUS, curated by Mat Spisbah & Nikki Lam
-Beyond strength: A Retrospective Exhibition of Gay Games, 1982-2022, Goethe Institut Hong Kong, HK
-Real Fantasy, Eaton hotel, HK, curated by Victoria Sin


-Museum of Half Truths, 1a space, HK, curated by Rachael Burns and Polly Palmerini
-Came to Linger, Club all, SH, CN, curated by Alvin Li



on the view of  “Blinking hard” in Ku Bar (BK)