(No) Ulterior Motives, 2019

Site specific 4-channel videos installation, color-print of google map

Curated by Ariane Sutthavong

The Thailand Lottery Centre is the largest secondary market for lottery tickets in the country. The semi-open structure, located in Bangkok’s periphery, is a place for intermediaries - those involved in the trade of fortune - as well as a intermediate space - halfway between speculation and superstition, materialist aspirations and spiritual beliefs.

Drawing on his research and site visits, Tentacles artist-in-residence Ip Wai Lung activates such intersections and the tensions they contain in his solo exhibition “(No) Ulterior Motives”. Built on differing rhythms, his site-specific video installation establishes a connection between the two locations: the Lottery Centre and the exhibition space. As lottery buyers paced around the marketplace with clear

intent, searching for their lucky number combinations, Ip performed meditative walks that are seemingly detached from any particular goal. What ensues is a never ending cycle - that of searching and finding, winning and losing. The question of finality preoccupies both Ip and the lottery buyers. What comes across as nonsensical may be end up being more pragmatic than foreseen, and vice versa.

This residency and exhibition are supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Special thanks to Tentacles Teams, Zoom Sippach

Photos courtesy by Narasit Kaesaprasit, Ip Wai Lung

Exhibiting histories:


- I am before, I am almost, I am never, Parc Saint Leger Art Centre, FR, curated by Ekaterina Scherbakova


- (No) Ulterior Motives, Tentacle Art Space, BKK, TH, curated by Ariane Sutthavong