Qingdao Lotus Pond , 2018

Single-channel video 5’03

The lotus is the symbol of immortality in humanity, and divine perfection. The lotus is the attribute of sun and fire gods. The lotus's unfolding petals suggest the expansion of the soul. The growth of its pure beauty from the mud of its origin holds a benign spiritual promise. Yet it can be sold for a few dollars.  In this ritual performance piece, Ip dresses in a golden spandex suit, as a non-human figure enters the scene. This androgynous figure carries cans of Qingdao beer in a utility belt, while wondering is this pond of immorality and perfection, dousing cans after cans of Qingdao onto the lotuses, and the pond meant to irrigate and nourish everything in sight.  Leaves of the lotus plant is ultra-hydrophobic by nature. No matter how hard you pour, it just won’t absorb even a drop of your offering of Qingdao. Yet, the Qingdao will eventually be absorbed by the roots as fertiliser.  

Created by Ip Wai Lung
Edited by Harry Chan
Filmed by Sombo Mok
Graphic design by Samuel Lai

on view of “Bad Bodies” show (2019) in Tomorrow Maybe Gallery (HK)

on view of “BE THERE design festival” (2019) (HK)

on view of “Qingdao Lotus Pond” (2018) in Sa Sa Art Projects (CM)