Qingdao Lotus Pond

15 Nov 2018 - 15 Dec 2018

Sa Sa Art Projects

This two-month aesthetic sojourn in Phnom Penh has allowed the artist to explore several neighbouring cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok, in particular Kampot, a rural area 4 hours away from Phnom Penh by train, where he could experience the Pchum Ben Festival.

The artist has been emotionally struck while travelling in these undeveloped, developing and developed cities: purchasing of goods and commercial consumption are sugarcoated and rationalized by their own religious beliefs, only the worship targets, matters and ideologies behind it differ. It is hard to tell from when desire is the only proof of the existence of individuals. Maybe in cities where excessive consumption has been so common that people within have no time to allocate their desire as a consequence of being disintegrated by Capitalism. In regard to this, the artist attempted to collect traces of desire of city people, including ashes in the incense burners or ATM slips. Through these compressed and unwanted remains, the relationship between religion and consumption culture was reconsidered. Such short-lived carriers of desire would gradually disappear into emptiness, the selfsame fashion how life ends.

©2019 Ip Wai Lung