The Coming Society, 2015

Performance, Installation

One of the Hong Kong traditions is that people believe the burning of paper offerings is a way to show remembrance to their late friends and family members, an act that people never doubt about the delivery and receiving. Paper offerings refer to products made of paper including houses, maids, latest technological devices, food and so on. These products are designed and produced based on the lives of the living. There is a diverse variety of products but somehow sex products have never been concerned. The aim of this art piece was to fill up this market gap that the artist assumed and imagined the sexual activities in the afterlife. The art piece took place one week before the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival in August in Hunghom. A temporary shop was rented for one day for the selling of a series of paper sex toys which were designed and all manmade. At the end of the day, the artist burnt only halves of all paper products, the profile of himself and the introduction of the display.

Photo courtesy : image 1 - 4 (Jaffe Tse, Eric Yau), image 5 - 7 (South Ho)

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