The Coming Society, 2015

Site-specific pop up store, performance

The Chinese believes to honour those who pass away, you need to regularly offer paper-crafted carnal goods to the deceased by burning these duplicate of worldly objects made with paper, as these are supposed to be able to fulfil all their needs.   As filial needs can be carnal in nature, to keep the decreased satisfied, we need to figure out a way to fulfil the needs of all these horny ghosts. To do that, Ip recreated dildos, sex toys, porn sites, and even WiFi service passes with the help of traditional trained filial paper craft master. In the performance, only half of the offering are actually burned. At best, that would only satisfied half of their lust.  The status quo is to not challenge anything, no matter how absurd the practice is. You would expect to be liberated from all these taboo created as a mean of control, even after we pass away. To unshackle from this never ending control, we need to exterminate this chain around our neck virtual or filial.    




Photo courtesy : image 1 - 4 (Jaffe Tse, Eric Yau), image 5 - 7 (South Ho)