Trash display stand, 2018

Color print postcards, postcard display stand, gold fabric 

When an object crosses over from real world into virtual world, it transforms. The change of circumstances gives or strips an object of its purpose, hence define it as trash or not, sometime across different world.  Ip as a virtual trash collector, identifies objects with expired purpose on Google Map, then screen captured these objects. This captured visuals are then turned into postcards with 2D barhhcodes of their locations. Unfortunately, even with those exact coordinates, you probably won’t find it, because most likely, they are cleared out.

The society might choose to ignore it, but Ip created a scenario where trash is brought back to life with a new purpose from the real, to virtual, and back to the real world. A piece of trash doesn’t have any value, until it does. Trash is recycled back and forth. 

Photo courtesy: Harry Chan

Venue support: 1a space Art Space

Exhibitng history:


-In(ex)ception, 1a space, HK